Digital Choiceboards

Read about my current project investigating the use of digital choiceboards here.
Want to know how to make them? Check out the How To.
Want a bunch of links about choiceboards, digital choiceboards and how to make them? Click here.

Numeracy Choiceboards

Maths Music - YouTube song choiceboard of maths clips.
Counting Choiceboard - Highly scaffolded counting actvities.
Counting/Matching Choiceboard - Choiceboard focussing on number representation/subitising.

Literacy Choiceboards

Phonics Choiceboard - Early literacy activities focusing on phonics.
Spelling - Simple and highly scaffolded spelling activities.
Word Reading - Simple activities designed to increased automaticity of sight word/high frequency word reading.

Special Interest Choiceboards

Wiggles Choiceboard
Sesame Street Pinball Song Choiceboard

Theme Choiceboards

Transport Songs